Other terriers in our kennel.

That the Welsh terrier is our favourite breed has undoubtedly dawned on most of you who have "clicked" on our homepage. Nevertheless many other terrier breeds have had our great interest. To be quite honest especially Ingrid has had a good eye and a hot desire to own practically all the terrier breeds through the years.

Luckily things haven't gone that far..

The great interest for terriers is also the reason why Ingrid started her education as a judge later on.

The Australian terrier has had and still has a large room in our hearts and elsewhere on this web site you can read about them.

Airedale - Scottish - and Cairn terriers are breeds we both have been fascinated by and through the years we have been so lucky and privileged to have one or two of these wonderful breeds - furthermore very beautiful representatives from the best breeders.

Airedale Terrier.
Our good friend from Holland, Jan Albers, High Flyer Kennels, who among many other terrier breeds also had some very fine Airedales gave us "Ruby" - DKCH High Flyer's Pearly Queen. Partly because he wanted her shown in Denmark and partly because he thought it a good idea that we got acquainted with other breeds than the Welsh.

We accepted the offer gratefully.

pearly queen.jpg (21277 bytes)
DKCH High Flyer's Pearly Queen
(CH Perrancourt Presses Paul ex CH Cheline's Spanish Fly).

Ruby was an incredibly lovely Airedale we had great pleasure from. She did very well in the show ring at a time where the competition and quality of dogs was high.

Our late friend Birgit Buhl, Sandy Kennels had an extremely good eye for the bitch and when she very much wanted to introduce her in her breeding programme we let Ruby go her. Ruby did very well for her in breeding. To us it was very instructive to have her with us. It was very interesting to observe similarities and differences between the Airedale and the Welsh Terrier.


Scottish terrier

This breed has always interested us very much. Our interest did not become smaller through our friendship with Peter Hage and Ulla Bak, Gilroy Kennels, who at that time had a quite unique breeding of Scotties.

Just have a look at this wonderful Scottie bitch, and we are sure you'll understand: INTCH Gilroy Black Mystic.

black mystic.jpg (9273 bytes)

Then one fine day when we were visiting Lillian Brown, Danskot Kennels we were introduced to Claire. That is - Carl was out showing Kevin his new van and when they returned Lillian and Ingrid had agreed on the splendid concept that we should bring back Danskot Clairvoyance to our home.

At that time Claire was a three-month-old pup of a very promising disposition. So she went on and with no great effort she became DKCH and Scottie of the Year 4.

skotte claire.jpg (20594 bytes)
DKCH Danskot Clairvoiance
(CH Raijai's Tom, Dick and Harry ex Nicola).
On this photo Claire is just 4 month old.

Claire was a real Scottie with all that comes with that. She had a wonderful temperament and a very lovely character not to mention her looks. But she also had her own say about what she liked and what she didn't like. To her Welsh Terriers were some of the most abominable creatures on earth. Not exactly the most wholesome attitude to carry around in a Welsh kennel. After a while the three of us decided to go our several ways. Claire went to Funen to a dedicated "Scottie family" with no tiresome high-legged terriers and leads the life of a Scottish princess.

Cairn Terrier

As a matter of fact: we had decided that after the Scottie-adventure our kennels should only consist of Welsh Terriers. It takes a lot of work and devotion if you want to be a serious breeder. Therefore it'll always be drag to spread over more breeds, unless of course you have bottomless resources and energy. Unfortunately we have neither. When our dear friend Peter Hage died we got a new member in the family anyway. A few lines above this we wrote that we were not going to have other breeds than Welsh in the future. This is not completely true. For quite a while Ingrid has been suggesting that the substitute for the Aussie Betty - when or if in far future she should pass away - ought to be a Cairn terrier. Future comes to you sooner than you think when Helle Lund Christensen, Cairndy Kennels gave us her best bitch:

DKCH Jub.V 97 Cairndys Yogi, som også var Årets tæve i DK 97 og Årets Cairn 2 1997.
cairnd6.jpg (16758 bytes)
See more of Yogi

This bitch is a wonderful representative for her breed. She is beautiful and has a wonderful mentality. Furthermore she accepts the Welsh up to a limit. We intend to show her some more and breed from her. But no Borchorst-cairns will appear. Realising the great and impressing work Helle has laid down in breeding Cairns for almost 25 years under the prefix Cairndy we consider it natural to keep the prefix going on Yogi's future puppies in co-operation with Helle. Of course we shall be ambitious in this breed, as we have been with other matters in dogdom. We hope that Yogi's offspring will continue the Cairndy-story.

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