Until 1999 you had to bring 5 dogs for a Breeder's Class in Denmark, but luckily things have changed so now you only need 4 specimen. It is difficult to gather 5 Welsh Terriers which demands much preparation for a show.

Best In Show Breeder's Class Køge 1993 DTK.
Judge: Mr J. Arrowsmith GB.
As a breeder it is very satisfactory to present at homogeneous group of dogs you have bred yourself - and not only just one star, as it shows the depth in your breeding.

So far we have presented 6 breeder's classes and all of them have received honour-prize. Three of them have been Best in Show on the Danish Terrier Club's shows and one was BIS 3 on an International Kennel Club Show. On this occasion we also competed with classes from other groups than terriers.

We are very proud and grateful for the nice words the judges have written about our classes and here we shall print one written by Mr. Lars Adeheimer, Kennel Aden, Sweden, a true connoisseur of the breed and with a eminent breeding programme behind him:

"It warms the cockles of the heart of an old Welsh Terrier breeder to see such a good and typical collection of dogs. I have to congratulate the breeders and take my hat off for the achievemant of keeping the type on this high level".

Best in Show Breeder's Class
Frederiksværk 1994 DTK.
Best in Show DTK, Køge 1998 Judge Mr. Keith Lovell, Australia &

Best in Show 3 DKK Cph.1998 Judge Mrs. Annika Ultveit-Moe, Sweden.

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