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Betty - The Loveable Tyrant

Mariendal’s Little Betty Boop is a red Australian Terrier who belongs to our era in this breed.

She is also the last one we have left and with her 13th birthday in May she’s an elderly lady but still going strong.

betty1.jpg (19292 bytes) Betty is an incredibly lovely and special dog, but also one who through all her years has tried our patience. E.g. she was never completely house-trained and not until the age of 8 she could be left alone without screaming the house down. Once she was in a boarding kennel together with her best friend Kizzy. The manager told us that she had been screaming constantly and he was a nervous wreck himself. When we took her out she almost fainted in our arms. Kizzy on the other hand could hardly walk to the car herself as she had benefited from Betty’s short but intense period of anorexia.
As a result of her safety trauma we always brought her with us where ever we went and once we were invited to a nice dinner at some doggy friends we asked if we could bring "poor Betty". She was more than welcome and when we arrived our hosts looked searchingly around and at last asked, "where is Betty?" They thought we had meant Betty’s breeder Mrs. Betty Bryde. They hastily removed the extra plate from the table.

Betty never had many puppies but after all she has a son in Finland SFCH Borchorst Red Romeo who has done pretty well in the show ring.

Like his mother he has a very distinct voice which he practices with or without reason. Betty also delivered blue and tan puppies and they behaved like ordinary Aussies. We have a theory that a more sensitive disposition and a piercing voice genetically are tied to the red colour.

For many years Betty’s place was behind Ingrid’s back when she was trimming. Together with Lise Christfort they enjoyed her many funny ideas. For some reason Betty got very interested in a toy-squeak, which for the same reason was put on the top shelf. Of course Betty couldn’t be fooled by so simple a trick and with her eyes she tried to persuade Lise to give her the damn toy. She knew it would be a waste of time to try to persuade her "evil mother".

When Kizzy passed away 141/2 years of age Betty became "leader of the pack" a task she took very seriously and cleverly. She has been nursing and playing patiently with all the dogs that have been bred in this house and still she is nursing the nearest dog next to her in the settee no matter the age or status of the dog.

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Betty has a very understandable body-language. If hungry she spins around noisily and when she wants to go out into the garden or back she barks out her wish in a tone not to be neglected.

Anyone who has been to our house knows the personality Betty. All our small nieces and nephews love "their Betty" dearly – and that goes for practically all our other guests as well.

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Betty spends her old age in a comfortable armchair next to the television supervising what goes on on the floor or elsewhere and runs the business still with a firm hand.

To be quite honest we haven’t had a big word in her upbringing but she is a very loveable tyrant and a good "hot-water bottle" in bed.



Betty and Claire in the setting sun thinking of the deeper meaning of life.





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