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Agility is a new "dog-sport" but it is here to stay: Maybe you have seen it on the television, where they show some agility in the programs from the big dogshows like Crufts and Westminster.....

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Breaks on -  Chilli
foto Mugge Pinner

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Here I come - Chilli
foto Mugge Pinner

They say it is great fun!

Agility is the a question of getting the track done fastest without faults. Basically it is a great opportunity to co-operate with your dog - and have fun.

The Welsh Terrier owners in Denmark are very lucky to have among them an agilityexpert and agilityjudgeMugge Pinner, who together with her 2 welshies  Chilli og Tosca take a lot of prices. She also writes exciting in The Danish Terrier Club's magazine "Terrier Nyt".  Here is a link to her web-site with a lot of information on the sport, also in English.

A Welsh terrier is often very good at agility and we can only recommend the game. It is a great way for children to work closely with their dog too.

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Jørgen Holsøe & Trold  - notice the line on Trold, this was his first try.

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What now mum ? - Tosca
foto Mugge Pinner

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foto: Mugge Pinner - http://inet.uni2.dk/~rhabrain