I all started when Carl bought his fist Welsh Terrier (WT) in 1971. It was a bitch named Kongelunden's Cinderella. Shortly after followed DKCH Wonne aus der Bauernhöhle bred by Mrs. Eggerking Germany's most successful WT-breeder from the 50.th - 80.th. Later again followed DKCH CZCH KBHV Groveview Nonchalant bred by Mr. Merwyn Pickering GB.

For us Mr. Pickering still appears to be the greatest breeder of beautiful and typical Welsh Terriers of all time. It is his type of dogs we have tried to breed through all these years.

While Nonchalant had some importance for the ongoing breeding program the other lines have disappeared.

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Ingrid entered the scene in 1977 when she bought DKCH Borchorst Golddigger from Carl. Ever since it has become a partner race privately as well as dogwise.

Our breeding programme didn't really start until in 1982 when Carl was offered 3 dogs from his good friends from Britt and Åke Ahlberg, Kennel Redpower's Sweden, who due to Åke's illness had to stop their Kennel life. Brit and Åke had exactely the same fascination for - guess what? Yes, the Groveview dogs. They had founded their stock on these bloodlines alongside with Paddywell.

It was a big decision to take the 3 dogs, in spite of the generosity of the offer, as we already had a couple of bitches and just had imported a wonderful dog from Holland: INTCH Smoky van het Urkerland (a purebred Groveview dog, by the way) as we lived in Copenhagen at that time in a small house.

A quick decision was made and we went to Sweden to collect the 3 wonderful dogs and bring them to Denmark: SCH DKCH Redpower's Rustic Shadow and SCH DKCH Redpepper's Rallarros bred by Sweden's "Grand OldLady" Mrs. Alice Blomquist, Kennel Redpeppar and last but certainly not least INTCH Redpower's Rumson Boy who won incredibly much on the shows. In 1983 he was best Terrier on all shows. The icing of the cake was when he won the ultimate title in Denmark "Dog of the year 1983 - all breeds". Read his long and remarkable story: "The Ughly Duckling who became Dog of the Year in DK 1983"

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Johnny alias INTCH Redpower's Rumson Boy

The fête was celebrated in Herning on the last show where he went first went Best in Group under renowned Mr Les Atkinsson and later Best in Show under Mr Harry Jordan. Together with Johnny's handler and trimmer Peter Hage, breeder Åke Ahlberg and many good friends we shared lots of champagne and joy.

A day we shall never forget!

Redpepper's Rallarros became our first important brood bitch and we have stuck to the type these 3 Swedish dog represented ever since. Our very promising "Borchorst Harvest Bell goes back to her in a direct line of 9 generations!

8 ugers hvalp - 8 weeks old puppy.jpg (13628 bytes)
Welsh puppy 8 weeks old

Due to an infection in one of his testicles Rumson Boy quickly got less fertile so it was almost a miracle when we succeeded in having one puppy by him: DKCH Borchorst Boxing Glove out of INTCH Borchorst Big Bertha. Jock, as we called him had a very dramatic start in life, born 10 days too early, but due to Ingrid's perseverance and his own spark of life he survived and became a very important stud dog.

As it became clear to us that we could not stay in urban surroundings we moved to Klippinge app. 65 km south of Copenhagen in 1984.

I the meantime we have worked with another breed too: Australian terriers, where we succeeded in breeding some very nice specimen some of which we kept while others we to many other breeders in Europe.

As so many breeders we were interested in Other Breeds we also found out as so many before us that one breed is enough. We decided to concentrate 100% on our favourite breed: Welsh terriers. So today we have a very beloved red Aussie Mariendals Betty Boop - the Loveable Tyrant and a very nice Cairn terrier DKCH Cairndy's Yogi who we got from our good friend Helle Lund Christensen.

Groveview Red Rum BIS Stockholm 1976
(Johnny's sire)

Through the years we have imported some very nice dogs from Holland from our old friend Jan Albers, High Flyer Kennels, who, by the way suffers from the same incurable fascination of the Groveview dogs

Furthermore we have imported dogs from Ireland and England in order to keep our type as correct as possible but also to keep a variation in the gene pool.

For the same reason we often go out of the country "to get new blood" but we use only dogs of top-quality and dogs who have proved their value in breeding. To us it is not enough that a dog is a wonderful showdog. He must also be able to give healthy puppies - mentally as well as physically. Luckily the Welsh terrier is a sound dog and we see it as our most important task to keep a high standard - not only for our own sake but also for the future's.

Working with a homepage which spans over so many years and seeing all the wonderful dogs you have had the privilege to own and love passing by makes you a bit humble and you realize how much you owe to the experienced breeders who worked devotedly with the breed before yourself.

To Jan Albers, Holland and Brit and Åke Ahlberg, Sweden "we owe everything" - without their generosity, kindness and good friendship we never achieved what we did.

Eric and Mair Catheral, Serenfach Kennels, Wales have also contributed to our breeding with very important and beautiful dogs we are very proud to have been trusted.

We have bred more than 35 champions in this breed and in Welsh Champions - own breeding you can see the dogs who have been made up. In Welsh Champions - other breeders you can see picture of wonderful dogs we have been so fortunate to get from other breeders.

CH Borchorst Lardy-dardy

We have only had 6 Breeder's Classes - all with honour-prize, as it is very difficult to gather 5 dogs in top show condition. Three of these classes have been Best in Show on the Danish Terrier Club's shows and one has been Best in Show 3 on the Danish Kennel Club's international show in Copenhagen 98. At long last the Danish Kennel Club has changed the show regulation so that we, like our neighbouring countries, only need four dogs for a breeder's class. We look very much forward to take more intense part in this competition.

We have exported Welsh to: Finland, Norway, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Italy. We are very critical to whom we sell - no matter if it is a show dog or a pet dog.

The most important for us is that they who get a dog from us are dedicated to the breed and prepared and able to give him a good and meaningful life. Success in the show ring is of less importance - and we are sure that our dogs agree with us!

Through the years we have had many litters. In the Puppy-list you can she what litters we have at the moment and what we are planning to do. You may even have a look at the parent's Pedigrees with photos attached. Ingrid stays at home and takes good care of the puppies and the grown up so that they have the optimal attention. She also trims the dogs for everyday and for shows. At shows we present ours dogs ourselves.

B. Local Hero & B. Little Big Bertha 5 month old

We have a very good relationship to our puppy buyers and through the years we have received lots of wonderful letters and photos which makes us very happy. In The Welsh in the Family you'll see some of the wonderful and relaxed pictures we have received. The photos are very dear to us and give us great pleasure - for what can a breeder wish for more than seeing the happiness his puppies bring?

In the years gone past Carl has been appointed Honorary member of the Swedish Welsh Terrier Club a title he is very proud and happy about and in 1997 he received The Danish Terrier Club's Golden Pin as a breeder but also for his yearlong work for the club: Vice president of the club, for his work in the Show Committee and not least his yearlong work as breed representative for the Welsh Terriers in Danish Terrier Club.

Welsh stand at the dog show in Hillerød 1997

Ingrid has through the last years studied to become a show judge - and today she has been appointed judge of the whole FCI-Group 3 (all terriers). Being a judge interests her highly and she takes the same efforts whether she is judging a small open show or a big international show abroad.

Ingrid & Carl Borchorst

Gry, Kongelundens Cinderella (Buddugol Anger out of Dundare Juniper) was Carl's first Welsh terrier. He bought her forthe pay of one week's exhausting work digging telephone caples down for Danish Telecom - a summer job he had to make some money for rainy days when university started again.

Ingrid on her hand was also a student when she wanted to buy her dog from Carl. On the telephone she thought Carl mentioned a price one third of what it really was. Anyway, having seen the lovely creature (the pup, of course) nothing in the world could stop her from getting the missing money. Who knows if Ingrid had heard the right figure on the phone the world had missed a dedicated Welsh-freak and Carl a lovely wife?

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